Author Topic: are you ready for World War IV  (Read 140 times)

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are you ready for World War IV
« on: July 05, 2017, 02:55:35 PM »
you thought I was going to say WWIII, well we lost that one.
China won the economic war while we were chasing rabbits on the desert of Afghanistan
and rats on the sands of Iraq.

I for one am not to worried about this coming war starting with North Korea. on our side we
have Trump who's going to give Kim a real brow beating with his TWEETS!!!!!!!
hahahahahahahhahaha ROF LOL

what bothers me is 4 weeks ago while outside in my pool one night I viewed 7 satellites passing
overhead. almost every night in the past there were 3 maybe.......
if we hit N.Korea I am sure their trading partner and neighbor will aid them in a fight to the end.
the end of US/us that is.

we are not the end all. Trump is putting the US backwards in progress to the dark ages.
it is what he knows. every body in the know will be driving battery powered self driving cars
by the gas guzzling Trump motorcade.

also burning coal into the night for power as he wants to keep coal workers in the mines.
those in the know will have a roof of solar cells and a tesla powerwall to store the solar power
generated by day.

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if you hear the fed saying that inflation is good, at 2.2% per year.
it really means your dollar is worth less by 2.2%