Author Topic: Jim Berkland...Theories...Validated (sort of)  (Read 525 times)

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Jim Berkland...Theories...Validated (sort of)
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This man whom I have known for 30 years...had a vision.  He made a difference. He will be greatly missed. I hope there are earthquakes in the Hereafter  ;) ...
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Re: Jim Berkland...Theories...Validated (sort of)
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the Chinese have believed in his animal quake sensitivities and have been studying
their behavior for a very long time.
I believe the Chinese evacuated about 80,000 from a city just days before a 7.8 leveled it.
this due to local farmers who observed their animals strange behavior.

I believe the USGS has even acknowledged the relationship to tidal and quake happening.
that was a big step for them dirt watchers not looking at the whole picture.
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it really means your dollar is worth less by 2.2%