Author Topic: DRUG companies want your money!!!  (Read 77 times)

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DRUG companies want your money!!!
« on: November 13, 2017, 04:05:33 PM »
the heart association has just changed the blood pressure numbers to sell more drugs.
the old numbers 90 and 130 were lowered to 80 120.
what this does is puts 1/2 of the US population in a area that they all need to use medication
to control their blood pressure.
this is unbelievable! I remember when the low number was 110 and high 180.
it is funny they tried to do this with the cholesterol number that use to be 220 and
now 120 is said to be high.

if you hear the fed saying that inflation is good, at 2.2% per year.
it really means your dollar is worth less by 2.2%