Author Topic: The Rabid, Radical Leftist Crones on "The View" Would Be Shot For Treason...  (Read 93 times)

Offline blindhog countries from which Obama allowed immigrated terrorists came.  I'm sick and tired of their constant criticism of our President.  As a matter of fact, I believe some them said they'd leave the country if Trump was elected. 


GO!!!!  GIT!!!!  DON'T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU WHEN YOU LEAVE!!!!  (Or, on second thought, I hope it does!!)

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I for one would like to leave the country. But there is no other country to go to
that does not have the US involved politically. they have fingers in every government.
that said it is true I do not like the way this country is going and who is in control.
I know I have not voted since one election when my vote was changes several times
when I go to the end and ready to file it even though I went back and changed it back
to my real vote. someone else is in control not you....

I guess I feel more comfortable keeping my enemies closer.........
if you hear the fed saying that inflation is good, at 2.2% per year.
it really means your dollar is worth less by 2.2%

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Justice Ginsberg, who does not deserve to be on the bench because of her openly biased negative attitude toward our President, basically said she'd move out of the country if Trump were elected.

How can Congress let someone like that continue to serve on the bench?