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According to a retired NSA expert, Mueller IS a treasonous criminal.  William Binney a member of VIPS and a former NSA intelligence expert in a recent Jimmy Dore Show said that Mueller is at the center of the corruption in the "Deep State".  One has to ask who is the head of this "Deep State", a "Deep State" that has it's tentacles around the necks of those caught in it, meaning, the "Deep State" has damning intel on those in power in government, people like Obama, Clinton, Clapper, Brennan, Mueller, Comey, Lynch, etc.

Can you imagine if there was a closeted secret so bad that it would financially ruin a person of wealth and power, a secret so horrendous that that person of wealth and power would do and say anything, even further break the law, destroy the constitution, even bring down the country, in order to hide that secret?

It seems that is exactly the position in which too many in our government have found themselves.

The Nunes Memo exposed us to that fact.   It just seems mighty strange that the upper echelon of the FBI would be so against the revelations in that memo.  IMO, it means the entire upper echelon of the FBI which might be entangled in the "Deep State" needs to be replaced en mass. 
Personal Prose / Fergie, The Face of Old to a Younger Generation
« Last post by blindhog on February 20, 2018, 09:45:50 AM »
As an older person, I did not find Fergie's rendition of the National Anthem as offensive as others seemingly did.  I suppose, the Jazzy rendition might seem disrespectful to some.

Regardless, the post by someone in the younger generation comparing Fergie to a drunk Mom trying to be sexy had to hurt those born in the middle seventies.  I imagine they never thought of themselves as being old has-beens who don't know their place.  Ageism stinks!

It reminded me of what I learned while in the throes of a terrible divorce.  I found out from an employee in a governmental agency dealing with employment that the stats showed that a 50 year old who was a stay at home mom had only a 5% chance of getting a job that paid more than minimum wage. 

In today's ageist world, Fergie, at 43 in March, is on the cusps of "the end".
Super Sensitives / I'm Experiencing Rear Crown Discomfort Today
« Last post by blindhog on February 19, 2018, 12:43:15 PM »
I don't know if that means there's stress with chance of movement deep in the earth or not.  However, I looked up information on Marsha Adams based on one of eaamon's earlier posts about 80,000 people in a Chinese town being evacuated after there was unusual animal behavior.  That evacuation resulted in no lives being lost in that town as a 7+ quake ended up leveling the town a short time later. 

My search led me to the story about Marsha Adams and her development of a electromagnetic sensor that she believed picked up the electromagnetic anomalies that animals picked up shortly before earthquakes.  Anomalies that were the result of deep earth rock/granite/whatever suddenly pressing so hard against each other that it indicated that movement of the fault at that location was about to happen.

I found electromagnetic radiation detectors for sale to the general public and I wonder if anyone knows if these detectors used by electricians are sophisticated enough to pick up the electromagnetic anomalies that Marsha Adams researched.  Any help on this question from those who might be on this site would be appreciated.  I don't want to waste my money if those detectors won't help.

I have heard that some have even used increased radio interference as a sort of primitive gauge. 
Yes, the leftist controlled networks' Sunday News programs in unison let their dwindling audiences know that Hillary Clinton (with the help of the corrupt heads of the FBI and Justice Department and themselves), would have been elected President if the Russians hadn't "interfered" in the election.  According to them, the 13 Russian fakers' support of Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein and Donald Trump determined the election.     

It's tragically funny that the leftist controlled media outlets cry about the fakeness of the 13 Russian pretenders while at the same time, collectively, they have and probably will continue to turn out fake and exaggeratedly negative news about Trump and the right, day after day, night after night, au nauseum.

It is my opinion the obnoxious leftist media, posters, comics, entertainers, sports figures, etc. are doing more to bring out the voters on the right than any expensive political advertising the right might ever use. 

Additionally, when it comes time for the right to air political commercials they need to show clips of the disgraceful behavior by the left at the State of the Union speech, show clips of ANTIFA in action, and show a montage of the hate speech from leftist politicians, et al; in contrast, couple that with the economic advances that have happened under the right, the present Congress and President. 

Voters need to know how low the leftists took this country and how much lower the leftists are determined to take it if they get back into office. 

Voters need to know how the right has "righted" the ship of state that was listing under the faulty, failed leadership of the leftists, and finally, how the right steered this ship of state away from the figurative iceberg it was headed toward because of the faulty, failed leadership of the leftists.

God Bless the Right and God Bless the USA.
5 today revealing that there was arrests of 13 Russian nationals who were falsely pretending to be who they weren't in an attempt to influence the election!!!   

Add to that, the leftist media drops almost all coverage of the 17 deaths in Parkland, Florida!

How convenient to reveal this just at the time that the public outcry about the failure of the top echelon at the FBI regarding not properly handling legitimate warnings on Cruz was at a high point! 

The top FBI echelon chose to ignore important information about dangerous, mentally unstable individuals while at the same time spending months/years protecting/deflecting for Hillary and her criminal crew and years trying to get anything negative on the right and most recently on Trump!!!!

The timing of this is very, very interesting. 

In my opinion, people with only an ounce of brains see that, especially when one considers that a Florida congressman has just asked that Christopher Wray, the FBI Director, be fired!!!
...for the tragedy in Parkland, Florida.  It was the upper level, leftist, deep state echelon which did not have the time to monitor sick people like Cruz, et al, thus keeping guns out of their hands. 

"WHY no time?", you ask.

The answer is, they were too busy instructing the rank and file on how to go after anyone and everyone associated with the right AND on how to protect anyone and everyone surrounding the left, mainly those surrounding Hillary and her high ranking crew of criminals!
...immigration bill as presented by another patriot, Senator Chuck Grassley.

WHY would a congressman/woman hate the sovereignty of the USA so much that they wouldn't want all four pillars of the President's immigration plan, those being:   1) protecting DACA/similar illegals with the possibility of citizenship in 12 year if they are gainfully employed, not a burden on the USA and do not break the law  2) border security with part wall, part technology, part increased border security personnel  3) ending existing useless/dangerous visa policy for a skills based visa policy  4) ending dangerous chain migration.
Infrastructure Warnings / Paying to Replace Earthquake/Travel Sensitive Bridges
« Last post by blindhog on February 15, 2018, 09:53:23 AM »
I completely disagree that there should be higher gas taxes, and I disagree that there should be existing or proposed tolls on bridges and roads, to pay for the necessary repairs and replacement of earthquake/travel sensitive bridges and roads.  Doing so ONLY further hurts/punishes the ones least able to pay those taxes and those tolls, the poor and middle class. 

I say that because the gas pump cannot tell whether the car it is fulling is a high end $50,000 to infinity luxury car or if it is a junker on its last mile.  The gas cost is the same for BOTH and the taxes figured into that gas cost is the same for BOTH!!!!

I say that because the toll booth cannot tell whether the car it is letting pass is a high end $50,000 to infinity luxury car or if it is a junker on its last mile.  The toll cost is the same for BOTH!!!!

It is outrageous to have someone who makes $10,000 to maybe, luckily, $50,000 per year pay the same amount in expenses to travel that someone who makes $100s of thousands to millions of dollars a year! 

The poor and middle class have to pay 1000s to millions percentage wise more, proportional to disposable income, than the highest 1% pay!

What is the best method to prevent something like this happening again? 

One can't escape the fact that a strong, loving family, whatever that may look like in today's age, is probably the first line of defense.  However, not having an adequate family income makes it easy to be stressed and harder to be strong and loving.   In such situations, unfortunately, many times the weakest in the family bare the results of such a stressful situation. 

Regrading gun control as the answer:    It boggles the mind that the ones who yell the loudest for gun control are those making the big bucks, up to 100s of dollars per hour or even per second.  These same people seem okay that our economic system has resulted in them, the 1%, having (relative to disposable income) minuscule taxes, a safe and beyond comfortable, mega-mansion life! 
Lacking a loving family life, school officials need to be acutely aware of psychological problems.
And, yet again, this goes back to no money for those in the general public. 

There is no money to support those in the 99% and the small fraction in that 99% who need the psychological help to prevent their descent into a despair and/or hatred so bad that it would end up in the mass killing of innocent people.

Do the 1% think that taking guns away from the 99% will solve the problem?  Is a "1984" existence for the 99% the only answer?

World Wide Events / Qanon: The Russian Jet Crash May Have Not Been an "Accident"
« Last post by blindhog on February 12, 2018, 01:22:53 PM »
That may explain why the phone call today between Putin and Trump. 

In an effort to protect the deep state, were 70 lives sacrificed to make sure one additional person who died in the crash couldn't reveal what he knew about the dossier and the pay for play scheme?  Already there are 40 plus questionable/suspicious deaths surrounding the Clintons, were the one + 70 collateral deaths just more to add to the list of questionable/suspicious deaths?

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