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flash of light near sunset
« on: July 02, 2016, 08:17:56 AM »
I had the Weather Channel on last night and watched weather abnormalities.
discussed was mirage of distant cities seen, I did see one once.
it was a shopping center and I could see when some one went into the mall type place
the windows flexed from the pressure of the door opening and closing.
 I could also see a road and traffic light in front of the center.
I'll bet this would explain why some people see UFOs.
and again, I as a ham operator know about inversion layers in the sky. hams use them to
talk long distances. before being a ham I was watching KSLT tv one day while living in
the SF bay area. we called it skip in the CB land.
funny I think of some of these UFOs looking like a car/saucer shape with windows and a antenna on it.
some UFO reports even said they could see people looking out the windows.
before the white man came to the North Americas the indians reported of flying rocks.

the other abnormality  was interesting. it was a flash of green light after sun set.
this I have seen many times as I was usually out for a walk at that time. it is
usually a green flash that some times last for as long as 1 1/2 seconds. I always
thought this flash was a future quake is about to happen. but they explained it
and how it happens and why I always saw it at the time I did.
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